About Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona is one of the top ten largest cities in America. Among the largest industries in Phoenix are the financial sector, real estate, trade and manufacture. All of these services are highly supported by modern technology, making data recovery services present and required.

The city of Phoenix also houses four top 500 companies in America, namely:

Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan, PetSmart Republic Services. Many other successful and widely acknowledged companies (Intel, American Express, Western best) are set in Phoenix as well. The city also has a fairly large military presence, with the Luke Air Force Base being the most prominent. The city does not fall behind in other sectors. Tourism, sports and the arts are alive in Phoenix.


All of these modern industries rely heavily on information technology. This in turn means that data recovery services offer a support role that helps these industries in times when their software or hardware malfunctions. This is not as unusual as it may seem and getting it restored to proper, functioning state may mean that a large loss of income is avoided.

After the crisis in the middle of the previous decade, Phoenix has economically recovered and in fact, has beat the growth percentages ten years ago!

Phoenix is therefore a vibrant city that is not only interesting in the economic sense, but also as a place to live, work and visit.

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